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As you can read in the foreword, "This book is the result of a long, deep-rooted and constructive friendship with Alex Pignone, the racer, whose leads the readers are invited to follow as an example of courage and "step by step" return to life.
A friendship brought about by the discovery of our own respective painful experiences and made mutually stronger by our stubborn desire for rebirth"  
On one hand Alex, the racer, deranged and temporarily overwhelmed by that kind of events that make everything hopeless and senseless.
On the other Vittorio, his friend as well as the lately died writer, who was able to snap out of the sorrow for the loss of his 5 years old only daughter and becomes spokesman for Alex's revenge, infusing him with obstinate and invincible will to never succumb.
The Genoese racer, who is highly esteemed in the U.S.A., started motocross racing in 1982, getting first to Track Speed and then - in 1991 - to the Aprilia-Maxicono Team for the European 250 Gran Prix Championship.
He raced in the Superbike until 2001, when he was signed up by Scott Team (Louisiana) and took part to the American Superbike.
After a very serious accident in 2003 in Daytona, he started again with cars racing and became soon one of the greatest promises of the Indy Racing League, the most important American league dedicated to open-wheel cars.

Alex Pignone: “Un simbolo di forza di volontà di cuore e passione”   - Intervista di Sabrina Carbone
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