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NASCAR   2020
Alex Pignone's comin'back



Alex Pignone was born in Liguria.  He started racing motorbikes when he was only thirteen.
Motocross Championship Cadet 125 on KTM team Bisiomotor then on Suzuki and Honda team News Motor and Marshald. At only sixteen, in the national championship he ranks in eighth place in the Continental Trophy for this engine category.
Alex arrives like a storm on a clear  summer day.  After the strom passes you wonder where all that energy come from.  He is one of the few originals crazies racing has produced in the paste decade. Love racing and knows but one speed.  Flat out.  Wonderful italian character. Good friend.

Eddie M. Cheever

Alex landed at Formula Indy, thanks to the help of Eddie Cheever and Sandro Munari, doing several tests with the aim of participating in the Indianapolis 500. In 2007, on the Kentucky circuit, Alex passes the Rookie Test with a Dallara earning the IRL (Indy Racing League) license.
After Ricky Byers contacted him to go and run in NASCAR and then arrive by the end of 2011 at the Sprint Cup.

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